How it all started

Here I will make a page about my start as a sailor.

My plan is to sell the house and move onto a suitable sailboat and hopefully – be able to travel around in the big world.
I am an adult of suitable age – retired, but in good shape – even though age is starting to show.
This is now also evident during the training, where the ability to remember is unfortunately not what it once was.

I am Norwegian, but today I live in Austria, and all sailing training is done in Croatia

But to date I have achieved Boat Skipper Category B and Boat Skipper Category C, and Yacht Master B 500GT as well as ASA 101, ASA 103, ASA 104 and D2 – Basic Safety Trainings – STCW A-VI/1 

There are many nice courses from ASA , and I have a list of them that I have on my wish list:
ASA 107 : Celestial Navigation
ASA 108 : Offshore Passage making

I would like to have the Catamaran Endorsement ASA 114
And Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate (ROC) for the GMDS

Much more about this in the near future

As well as:

If you should find what I do write here on this website as useful, I will be more than happy if you contributes and makes links to this site where it’s appropriate . Thank You