How it all started

Here I will make a page about my start as a sailor.

My plan is to sell the house and move onto a suitable sailboat and hopefully – be able to travel around in the big world.
I am an adult of suitable age – retired, but in good shape – even though age is starting to show.
This is now also evident during the training, where the ability to remember is unfortunately not what it once was.

I am Norwegian, but today I live in Austria, and all sailing training is done in Croatia

But to date I have achieved Boat Skipper Category B and Boat Skipper Category C, and Yacht Master B 500GT as well as ASA 101, ASA 103 and ASA 104.

There are many nice courses from ASA , and I have a list of them that I have on my wish list:
ASA 107 : Celestial Navigation
ASA 108 : Offshore Passage making

I would like to have the Catamaran Endorsement ASA 114 (Now in February)
And the Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate (ROC) for the GMDS (Now in February)

Much more about this in the near future

As well as:

If you should find what I do write here on this website as useful, I will be more than happy if you contributes and makes links to this site where it’s appropriate . Thank You