Some background

I have worked with technology all my life, from electronics to computer servers, and have many hobbies – maybe too many hobbies.

A main hobby has been my motorcycles, which have taken me to many great places in Europe and given me many friends and experiences.

For various reasons I moved from Norway to Austria after my wife died of cancer, and now live in a too big house with too big a garden – for me to manage alone. (Realise it now)

This property is now put up for sale – By :: Link

After another long series of thoughts about what I should do with my current situation, this with more travelling around the world is appealing – then a sailboat came into the picture.

I have always enjoyed boats and boating, but never as my own skipper on my own boat.

The idea of moving all the way to a boat and then having it as my primary residence has actually been a process for some time, but has gained a bit of momentum now that I am really starting to feel the work pressure of doing all the maintenance myself.

Yes, a larger sailboat needs maintenance – a lot of maintenance, but I think it’s still less than maintaining a large house and garden.

I’m quite technical and I see that woodwork, engine, propulsion, electricity and electronics on board are things I can do myself.
I still need to learn more about plastic work, but it’s always interesting to learn something new.

I have bought some nice books on the subject and it does not look too daunting.

So – what are my plans for the near future?
Well – I plan to go from Croatia to Norway this coming summer (May), and also plan to go outside of Great Brittany – this to test ME and the boat for the next event – which will be to cross the Atlantic – together with my brother, but he on his own sailboat. So we are going together but on two boats – both single handed.