Boats for Me

Finding a suitable boat for me!

Yes, there is a lot to consider here, and not quite easy.
After the courses, I see clearly that I need more practice, and especially for me who plans to sail alone “Single handed”

Starting with a big boat that I plan to make my new home – is not a good thing – I understand this.

That’s why I started looking for a 40-50ft sailboat that has most of what I need for local waters – for maybe 1-3 weeks at a time. It therefore does not have to have the space and the equipment I will have to look for in the “final” boat.

There is a lot to choose from and at different prices and equipment.
I have a desire for “in ‐ mast furling” sails and rolling Genoa. I also want a “bow thruster” – just as much to practice using it. For the big boat, it becomes a must. One or two Sailboat helm wheel – I’m open to, but have looked at some boats with a “helm wheel” where you only have one – that it is so big that it is very difficult to pass if you need to move fast around in the helm.
I think I want a boat with 2 wheels and with plenty of space to move around.
Another thing that I have on my wish list is at least an electric winch. This is to relieve the physical with the handling of the sails.
And one has to think about the boat’s “draft” (the distance between the waterline and the deepest point of the boat) – this as many places in Croatia are relatively shallow.

So far, a Bavaria 40-50ft is high on my wish list as my training boat.

What I end up with afterwards I know less about, but there is a Hallberg Rassy 57 Sailing Yacht – or a Hallberg Rassy 50 high on the wish list – we will see eventually.

My experience so far is that there is a lot of difference in how much these used boats are worn and also a lot in the quality of maintenance. Some 10-15 year old boats look like they are 30 years old and others look almost new. Many have sweating engines with oil residues in “bilge”, old rubber hoses and electrical cables with irr and many quick fixes along the way. Actually a lot of things to look for. Worn shackles and lines.

Inside the cabin – hinges and cabinet doors hang and dangle, loose and missing screws – all very bad.
One thinks quickly – about how the actual Hull and rigg are taken care of or not. Most engines have from 3-5000 hours – which is not a deterrent if they are well taken care of, but when the engine looks like a rust lump and the oil is black as tar, well then one can wonder if this is really a good buy.

And YES – I know – this look and feel thing of interior etc is not the most important things to think about when looking at a boat , the are 100’s of other more important things ( I have a long list I’m using ) , but if I don’t feel well inside a boat , well then this is not to be my boat – I will spend so many hours on board that it has to the one i like.


22 May 2022
Well , it’s not easy to find what you want – Now I’m in the last preps for getting a Bavaria 2006 42 ft Match.
This one has no bow thruster, and not a “in ‐ mast furling” – as I initially wanted.
But it’s in a relative good shape, and its available now – most other ones I found interesting is not available before October – to late for this season.

This “old” (2006) Bavaria is a basic boat, and everything looks “basic” , but the woodwork is not bad , and having my first dinner onboard – felt ok – I got the feeling “I can live here” 🙂

I will continue update this page as I have seen more boats – so stay tuned

June 2022
Ok – Its now mine – the Bavaria 2006 42 ft Match.

NB!! This is not a picture of my boat, just showing the model and how it looks like

Contract written and keys in my pocket.
It has the keel modification done, and extra Main and Genoa sails, and not to forget a good Spinnaker and Gennaker – including all needed lines etc etc.
It had the Cleaning and Anti-fouling done before delivery to me and in general looks good.
Some internal cleaning to be done and some lines to be changed. But in general – looking ok to be this old.
A Icom MA-510TR Class B AIS and a new VHF ICOM IC-M330GE radio to be installed. Lott of small things that has to be renewed or added, but that’s ok.
All instruments are working, so no need to change anything there.
I will be using my 12.9 inch iPad pro in a watertight cower as navigation help for now , mounted in front of the steering wheel.
Also a transportable air conditioning unit on order , as 30c++ is a bit warm for me when sleeping.
It has brand new batteries on board (Gel), but no solar charging.
So far happy with the boat and how it performs
More to come…….

I would like to thank the Adriatic Sailing Academy for all assistance in searching for a boat and not least during inspection of boats – as well as all help with contracts and all paperwork.
They know the system and without their help this would have been more than a challenge for me to manage alone – if not impossible .
We also hired a reputable lawyer to check all documents around the boat, etc. as well as draft contracts and also get all the paperwork registered in all necessary systems.

I was a little surprised that the Adriatic Sailing Academy could also assist in this type of work – since I have not read anything about this on their websites, but it is an important part of their assistance and they do this in a good and professional way.

Another great thing is that it came with a mooring in Marina Novi (A few miles south of Rijeka, Croatia) – already paid for one year. This is also a marina I can recommend, easy access from anywhere, car or boat. Incredibly clean and nice, and with a great and helpful staff.

image 1
Marina Novi

Some updates: 10/2022
Things are changing all the time , and maybe is that a good thing -lol
I like this boat more and more, and after some nice tours in different wether and waters – I find that this boat I can handle.
So now my sails are at the sailmaker for a full check and fix of what need to be fixed.
I have decided to change my plotter, all instruments and also a new autopilot
I do like RayMarine products, so I have ordered all what I need to do the upgrade.
An Axiom+ 12 plotter, Evolution EV-1 (EV-200 Sail) and ACU, new lot/log Transducers ++++

Have also hade a full check of the engine , and they report back that the engine is in great condition.
Changed all rubber tubes, all filters etc etc – in general a full checkup.

Found it interesting to learn about all the different instrument “busses” how the different manufactures are handling the interconnection of instruments, plotters and autopilots.
Decided that I will add a converter from SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng – that so I can continue to use some of my “old” instruments as a backup, and that is working well.
More on this later on ….