All this training – theoretical and practical – provides a good starting point, but you need more.
Then literature is a good source.

I have divided this into three parts:
1: Copy of all books used during the training.
You need the opportunity to go back and repeat what you should have learned.
There are many laws and rules, words and expressions – and you have to
repeat this to be able to remember everything in a reassuring way.

2: Literature for use during navigation and planning a voyage:
Many are a “must” – as there is a lot of information you need about the difference
between countries – rules and regulations, and Data – Information about ports
and Marianas.

3: Maintenance of boat and equipment:
I plan to perform much of the maintenance myself, but since much of the equipment
on board a boat is new to me, good documentation is a must to be able to perform this in a
reassuring way.

I want to show my list of selected books, with ISBN number and why I have chosen these books

Copy of all books used during the training.
I got all the ASA books directly from ASA webshop :: Link to ASA Shop

img 8847
ASA : Sailing made Easy
This is the book used under the 101 course. ISBN: 978-0-9821025-0-3

img 8848
ASA: Coastal Cruising made Easy
This is the book used under the 103 course. ISBN: 978-0-9821025-1-0

img 8849
ASA: Bareboat Cruising made Easy
This is the book used under the 104 course. ISBN: 978-0-9821025-2-7

Available at ASA and a good read

img 8846
ASA: Let’s go Sailing
A book showing the basic of sailing techniques (ASA Course 110)
ISBN: 978-1-7331628-0-7

img 8845
ASA: Cruising Catamarans made Easy
This is the book used under the 114 course. ISBN: 978-0-9821025-4-1

img 8843
ASA: Advanced Cruising & Seamanship
This is the book used under the 106 course. ISBN: 978-1-7331628-2-1
I liked this book as it describes many things to take into consideration when you plan going for a longer trip, and into more hostile waters.

Literature for use during navigation and planning a voyage:

img 8854
ISBN: 978-1-9997229-1-3
World voyage Planner
This book is a “must” . Giving information about most Oceans , wind and current – other things to be well informed about, safe harbors etc etc
You can not go Blue Waters without this book

img 8852
ISBN: 978-0-07-143765-3
The Voyager’s Handbook
As the one above – I can not find myself on the big blue waters without having red and bring along this book . This book is more about the boat itself , preparations of the boat , what to look out for , what are common things that do go wrong and how to prevent it. And not least – how to fix it

img 8851
ISBN: 978-178-679-021-7
Adriatic PILOT
You can not have to many PILOT books, and this one is covering Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, East coast of Italy and Albania.
In fact – you need one for every part of the world you have plans to visit.
A PILOT book do hold information about Approaching the sea in that area , information about Prohibited areas , Climate, seasons and weather , Marinas with phone numbers and VHF channel for contacting. Where to get fuel – etc etc – All information you need to go safe in the covered part of the waters.

Maintenance of boat and equipment:

img 8850
ISBN: 0-07-146284-8
Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual

img 8853
ISBN: 978-0-07-179033-8
Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual

If you have any plans to do some or all of the needed Maintenance and care for your boat – this two books is an absolutely must to have.
They are covering more or less everything with good explanations and illustrations
Perfect – I love them

Two new books for me, that takes me a bit further than the C license.
Preparing me for the Yacht Master 500 license.

image 2 1

And The complete Yachtmaster 10th ed

img 20211018 0003