HAM – Amateur radio on the Boat

Yes as a HAM OE4KSF/MM I would like to continue my radio hobby from the boat.
I have tested all kind of antennas and positions/location of antennas, but are always back to my first solution.
I have a 11m wire hanging from a rope at the mast topp , and to the corner aft – and then using a 15mm coax from this point and just under deck where my antenna tuner is located.
The screen part of the coax is not in use – and NOT connected to anything – just to protect the wire going through the deck. And along the deck on the under side I have a thick cable working as a ground plane. The coax is winded as a ugly balun just after the tuner – and a quite a few of ferrite elements put over the coax. here – all to prevent RF to follow outside of the coax.

Now using my FT-DX10 and the CG3000 remote tuner – and so far I’m happy with it.
About 2.000 QSO’s from the boat now – and normally using about 50W out of the radio.
The tuner is able to tune all bands from 10-160m , but 80m and 160m is not working wherry well.
More about this later one :

BTW: I will stop using my Austrian callsign later this year and continue to use my Norwegian callsign : LB8FH/MM

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