Video and Pictures

img 9083
Some days using only a part of the Genoa

A comment here- as many people ask me why I do not have more sails up::
Well I don’t need more speed – when I have 5-10 kts – is ok for me,
I’m not competing, I’m just out to enjoy the situation. Of course I use full sails sometimes, but it feels more stressful and since I’m alone I prefer less sail when I have more than 10-15 kts of wind
img 9081
But getting 7 kts
img 9084
A picture can not tell t he story of the wether 🙂
img 9085
img 8942
img 8954
img 8960
img 8958
img 9038
img 9033
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img 9066
img 9071

But not all days and nights are that glorious

img 9143